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Little Angels Learning Center

& Preschool

of the First United Methodist Church

Older Toddlers

(24-35 months)

Two is an age of rapid learning and growth. In the two year old room we focus on building skills that make an older toddler more independent; fine and gross motor skills, language skills, and social skills.

A typical day in our room includes circle time, an art or sensory activity, and a movement activity. Circle time is a way for the children to come together as a group and work on language and social skills through games and stories.

Attention spans can be short at two, so books and songs with the opportunity for a lot of movement and interaction are what we love most! Sensory activities are also very important in our classroom - they help children learn to identify the world around them by using their senses. The messier the project, the better!

I think creativity and an open mind are the building blocks of hands-on learning. Children take an active interest in the world around them when they see adults in their lives doing the same. I love to bring things into the classroom that get the kids excited about our weekly theme, whether it be real earthworms for a compost jar or flashlights to help us find colors while we're "camping." Children love to find new ways of doing old things, and in doing so, learn there are many solutions to one problem.